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DEWDROP's work involves commercial landscaping and irrigation. From the campuses of some of the Inland Northwest's most prominent companies, to the grounds of its most popular retailers. DEWDROP has taken on some of the most high profile and in some cases, complex projects in recent years.

DEWDROP offers maintenance programs to make sure plants stay neat and healthy, a water feature to stay clean and clear, and debris natural or otherwise, stays off the ground.


Experience meets technology when it comes to DEWDROP's landscape design and consulting services. The company is entering its third decade of commercial landscape design and has a landscape architect on staff.

DEWDROP now uses Land FX, a computer-assisted design (CAD) software into which a contractor's plans can be downloaded.

Once the landscape design is completed, DEWDROP can generate 3-D images to show its clients how the project's grounds will look once its complete.



Imagine the grounds of an office building or a retail center. Envision a retirement facility or a college campus. Each feature that gives the buildings surroundings the warmth and vibrancy it possesses starts with the landscape construction. DEWDROP's team of certified construction supervisors and trained technicians can handle conventional landscaping, as well as construction of water fountains, retaining walls, and walkways and other features.


DEWDROP is well versed in bio infiltration swales, also known as 208 swales. These effective friendly wastewater repositories are an important part of any project. we know how to build them and almost as importantly, where to put them.


Rich, thick lawns require an effective watering system and such systems need to be maintained to keep them performing optimally. DEWDROP offers a spring-startup service that involves turning on a system after a winter of dormancy, auditing problems, changing batteries and other reviews.

In the fall, a commercialized-sized air compressor is used to get all the water out of the system, in order to prevent freeze damage. Such services come with a full warranty.


DEWDROP got its start installing residential sprinkler systems and maintains a strong presence in the commercial landscaping and irrigation market. Whether its a spring cleanup project or an intricate landscape design, the company has the team that will make your house's surroundings even more homier.

With our skilled team, not only will you get quality work, but you will also receive quality customer service and attention.

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